Programmed obsolescence

Why electronic products lifetime is so short? Is it compatible an ilimited production system with a finite resource planet?
An extremely interesting doc about programmed obsolescence.
Hoping it not be deprecated.


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4 Responses to Programmed obsolescence

  1. Siv O'Neall says:

    Extraordinary documentary which I saw in the original French version. Question:
    Does it exist in an English version too or just in Spanish?

    • TSRI blogger says:

      Unfortunately I don’t know an English version. It was produced by ARTE France, Televisión Española and Televisió de Catalunya. If anyone finds an English subtitled version at least, it will be welcome!

    • Miguel Ayon says:

      Here’s the link of an english version of the documentary:

  2. Iphigeneia Mariou says:

    Perhaps the only way to boost western world economy in the 1920s was to legalise obsolete tech. So, now-a-days, inkjet printers, cell phones, stockings, light bulbs, washing machines, hoovers or even toys have been programmed/designed to fail… By the way, if your printer drops dead one day, DO NOT buy a new one. Search its guts and find the microchip which determines/countsdown the amount of pages your printer will print before breaking down. Any PC shop in any western country will advice you to buy a new printer assuring it would cost you double trying to fix it. Try Russian software tech alternatives (back in the 1920s/30s communist countries were characterised by planned economy controlled by the government) and think about the environmental consequences of hyper-consumption.

    How often do we change our iphones or cell phones? Almost every year… And where are all those old, obsolete electronic tech pieces being disposed? Africa… where else? Electronic waste “poissoning” the poor.

    Oh, last but not least, do not expect to get a battery exchange if your ipad, iphone or ipod fails. You’ll need to get a new one… to keep promoting and contributing to the growth of the system…

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